Industry and Sector Professionals

For those working in the family law sector, or who have a working knowledge on the background and context of family and domestic violence (FDV) in Australia, we still recommend to start with Fundamentals. Even for experienced practitioners, our course offers a unique and engaging presentation on FDV. Revise and perhaps learn something new on the impact, context and dynamics of FDV in Australia and integrated support service delivery.

Build on Fundamentals with the next course, Safety. In Safety, gain knowledge across screening practices, risk identification and conducting effective safety planning to help manage risk and keep families safe.

  • Safety | Holistic Screening and Safety Planning

Anyone is welcome to move onto Behaviour Change and Children. These courses are excellent for those who either work with individuals who use violence or with children and young people. However, this knowledge benefits everyone. Those in the health, wellbeing, education, government, police and corrections, community and law sectors will find this content especially helpful:


History and Impact of Family Violence


Holistic Screening and Safety Planning

Behaviour Change

Working with People Who Use Violence


Working with Children and Young People