AVERT Family Violence has four online courses for participants who want to improve or update their knowledge about family and domestic violence (FDV).


History and Impact of Family Violence


Holistic Screening and Safety Planning

Behaviour Change

Working with People Who Use Violence


Working with Children and Young People

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Any Individual or Member of the General Public

Industry and Sector Workers

Managers and Supervisors

Corporate and Other Organisations

Delivered 100% online, AVERT helps participants develop confidence to recognise and respond to FDV. Gain deeper knowledge, clear understanding and direct pathways for support on FDV issues.

Across the AVERT Family Violence Training Suite, learn:

  • Historical information in relation to FDV
  • Definitions and dynamics of FDV
  • Legal considerations and prevalence in Australia
  • Common beliefs and myths
  • Engaging with people who use violence
  • Responding to diversity
  • The role of screening, risk assessment and safety planning
  • Impact on children, their development and reporting/advocacy
  • FDV at an organisational level:
    • Improving workplace culture and office safety
    • Increasing knowledge and skills of staff to address FDV.